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M came to town bearing gifts to try for the blog (Yay!). She knows the way to her foodie girlfriend’s heart! She had attended a wine expo with local products from around Pennsylvania (Yes, this is our idea of a good time.) She brought me this amazing bottle of coconut white balsamic vinegar made by The Enchanted Olive company located in Harmony, PA. Here is a link to purchase this product: http://enchantedoliveoil.com/inc/sdetail/coconut_white_balsamic_vinegar/95/137

We came up with 3 different recipes to use with this product. The first one we wanted to try was an appetizer of roasted shrimp using this vinegar as a dipping sauce. Oh. My. God, it was good! We used our roasted shrimp cocktail that we posted on an earlier blog: https://twolesbianseatingout.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/roasted-shrimp-cocktail/

…except we used less pepper so that it would be less spicy and gave a squeeze of lemon over the shrimp to really bring out the coconut flavor.


The Verdict: I ended up serving a few strawberries as a garnish, which M lovingly dipped in the vinegar and fed to me. It was so good! The vinegar and coconut flavor on the strawberry was a burst of flavor in my mouth, that made me audibly moan. M then tried it and we were both saying “get more berries!” The shrimp paled in comparison to the flavor of the berries with the vinegar, so we decided on another recipe with this vinegar to share with you tomorrow. The shrimp tasted good with the coconut vinegar and we were transported to an island but the flavor was so subtle that it left us wondering what we could add to it to make it as good as the berries. We also thought of using this as part of a marinade and then grilling the shrimp. Regardless, we LOVE this product and are suggesting it to all of you to try. Play around with it in different recipes and let us know what you think.

Comment below on what you think of this product and let us know if you have any other products that you would like us to review. You can also email at: two.lesbians.eating.out@gmail.com


~ T & M


Link to purchase: http://enchantedoliveoil.com/inc/sdetail/coconut_white_balsamic_vinegar/95/137